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The Our Place Drop-In Center has been serving an honorable role in the Great Falls area of Vermont and New Hampshire for nearly 20 years.

As the local food community moves to identify gaps and collaborate more closely, those involved with Our Place recognize the critical role we play connecting fabulous local sources of nutritious food and those who can use a hand once in a while or on an ongoing basis to enjoy it.

Our Place always welcomes volunteers.    Thousands of pounds of food donations and home deliveries are handled in the course of a year.   Thousands of meals are cooked and served.     Numerous community members ask their neighbors, friends, and families to support Our Place in myriad ways.

If you’re reading this, you’re very likely already a friend of Our Place.     We invite you to join us for a meal soon.    You can see for yourself what a valuable resource WE have developed over the last 18 years.     May there be many more!

Our dream for this blog is that it will serve to foster the vital development of the Great Falls community of Vermont and New Hampshire.    To learn more about ways to get involved, please comment here or email Our Place at


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