Our Place Garden Project

Last year, we started the “Our Place Garden Project” which included raised garden beds filled with herbs and vegetables for our kitchen. This spring we have added one new handicapped accessible raised bed built by two members of Rotary Club of Bellows Falls, and a small plastic covered hoop house, which volunteers and staff built last month. We will also be constructing low tunnels and purchasing garden cover cloth to expand the growing season.  In addition to the raised garden beds adjacent to Our Place, we also have two plots in the town community garden. The Garden Project has garnered a lot of interest and support in the community, bringing together a diverse group of people who have donated time and supplies.  Thank you to everyone who has helped by providing time or supplies for the garden. Donations have included lumber from Carl Mosher at Applewood Custom Sawing, compost and top soil from Bazin Brothers Farm, fencing from Wendy Brennan, plastic for the hoop house from Sustainable Putney, a raised handicap accessible bed built by two members of the Bellows Falls Rotary and time and effort from many people in our community. Volunteers are an integral part of the garden project, performing tasks including planting, weeding, watering, construction and maintenance. We have had help from volunteers from Vermont Academy, Bellows Falls Rotary, Compass School and Our Place guests and employees.

We think that educating and leading by example is one of the best ways to help people recognize the immediate ways they can take steps toward a healthier diet.  While information about healthy eating and nutrition is widely available from many sources, the way the information is presented doesn’t make it easy for the people we serve to learn ways to make the small daily changes that can lead to better choices and healthier eating.

 Pictures to come……


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