Weekend Food for Kids

School age children who live in the towns we serve (list below) can come to Our Place food pantry on Friday afternoons between 3:00 and 5:00 to pick out snacks, juice, cereal and easy to prepare food for lunch over the weekend. We will offer the children a brightly colored backpack bag ( blue, green, purple and pink)  that they can use to carry their food home for the weekend. The kids should bring back their bags each week to fill with healthy snacks and juice. The variety of food will change but will usually include cereal bars, milk and juice boxes, fruit cups, soups and macaroni and cheese. We also usually have soy milk for kids who cannot drink cow’s milk.

People wishing to donate healthy snacks, juice and lunch food for children can stop by Our Place Drop-In Center from Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 4:00 to drop off donations.

We are planning a food drive at Shaw’s Market in Walpole on Saturday July 13th. And donation bins for food are at Lisai’s Market in Bellows Falls, VT  and Discount Food Warehouse in North Walpole, NH.

We appreciate all of the community support that helps us to help our neighbors. We serve a free breakfast and lunch 5 days a week and offer groceries in our food pantry to more than 170 families each month. Community meals are open to everyone. The food pantry serves people who live in Athens, Bellows Falls, Cambridgeport, Grafton, Rockingham, Saxtons River, Westminster, Walpole and the surrounding Greater Falls area.



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