Our Place Annual Appeal for Support to End Hunger in Our Community


Dear Friend of Our Place, 

             Last year we celebrated the 20th anniversary of Our Place with mixed emotions. We were grateful for the generous support of so many people in our community, happy that we were able to provide good nutritional food to people who need food, and yet troubled by the fact that more people than ever before need our help to make it through the month without being hungry.

 Thank you for your past support. In the past year, your donations have helped Our Place provide more than 150,000 pounds of vegetables, fruits, milk, meat, cheese and other nutritious foods to our neighbors in need. We serve about 1200 nourishing meals in our dining room each month and provide free groceries to more than 210 households every month ─ the need has grown by over 35% in the past two years.

 We continue to look for new sources of good quality food and are developing new partnerships with local farmers, food distributors, local markets and other food pantries in Vermont to ensure we are capturing all of the surplus food in our region. Last November, we worked with staff and volunteers at Paul Harlow’s farm to glean and freeze 1000 pounds of produce for the winter months and we plan to repeat this project again this year. We have expanded our gardens both on site and at the community garden in Bellows Falls and are always looking for new ways that we can gather, produce and prepare the food our families need to stay healthy. In June we began a new program we call “ Weekend Food for Kids”, which offers nutritious snacks, juice, breakfast and lunch food on shelves just for the children. On Friday afternoons, parents can bring their children, or older kids can come alone, to pick out the items they like. We started this program in response to a need that was identified by local school teachers and principals.

 Your support is essential to our continued success in reducing hunger in our community. We cannot do it without you, so we are asking for your help again. Our goal for the 2013 Annual Appeal is $21,000.00.  Please contribute what you can and know that we are working to ensure that no one living in our community is going without food.


 Lisa Pitcher   

Executive Director                                  


Our Place Drop-In Center

4 Island St., PO Box 852

Bellows Falls, VT 05101

Phone (802) 463-2217

Fax (802) 463-0786



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